Leaders Eat Last

In his travels around the world, Simon Sinek, the New York Times bestelling author al Start with Why noticed that some teams trust each other so deeply that they would Ically put their lives on the line for ach other Other Nams, no matter what inom sives were offered, were doomed to in fighting, fragmentation and failure. Why?
The answer become clear during a conversation with a Marine Corps general when Sinek asked, “What makes the Marines so good» “Officers eat last“, the general replied Sinek saw it first hand. The most junior Marines ate first, while the most senior Marines took their place at the back of the line. What’s symbolic in the chow hall is deadly serious on the battlefield. Great leaders will sacrifice their interests for the good of those in their care.
Today’s workplaces tend to be full of cynicism, paranoia and self-interest. But the best organizations foster trust and cooperation because their leaders build what Sinek calls a Circle of Safety. When everyone feels they belong, all energies are devoted to facing the common enemy and seizing big opportunities.
This is particularly important for our youngest employees in this revised edition, Sinak further explores the challenge of leading Millennials. As a generation, they want to work somewhere with a sense of porpose-they want to make an impact. But unless their organizations build a Circle of Safety, Millennials will struggle to find what they are looking for.
The fascinating research and true stories in this book prove that leaders who are willing to not last are rewarded with deeply loyal, inspired and effective colleagues. It`s amazing how well it works.

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